Get him back for a second chance together?

I think we broke up too soon, over something that prob could have been prevented. This Friday my boyfriend officially broke up with me. He wanted to talk the Friday before that so we did and from there i didn't really talk to him and was trying to give him time to think. Well anyway he's been stressed out in the month of march from not having a job and shut everyone out including me andd our freinds. I barely saw him but I did see him this past Monday and took him to a mld baseball game which i thought he enjoyed and was getting better since we had a blast. Things seemed normal I went to his house after and spent some time and I left kissed goodbye and that was it. On that Friday he said he has been dealing with all that stuff and a lot has been bothering him. He said he isn't feeling what he thinks he should feel towards me, which I dont think makes much sense because you do not need to feel butterflies every second of the day but maybe he thinks so I don't know. He also said that he felt like we were not growing closer together which should happen. Another thing that doesn't make sense because he basically closed me out for that month. How could anyone get closer to someone when they dont see them or anything? It did not make sense so I feel that we are not finished and I want a second chnace. He said he has been thinking abaout this for the longest time and its been driving him crazy and he was hoping it was something he just planted in his head but he said it wasn't and he can't deny it. He said its nothing I did wrong it is just him. Do you think there could ever be a 2nd chance for us. I think he gave up too soon. We both have a lot in common, get along great and are very similar so I feel we have something that is just too good to give up. How could I get him back? Could I say I miss him in a few more weeks or what?


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  • You could maybe get him back. Keep some space and don't contact him. If he misses you, he'll contact you, he's just going through a lot right now. He still probably loves you and feels that he isn't giving you the attention that he should. Either tell him that you want to help him get through his problems. If he says no, or you decide not to, just keep space and wait for him to message you.