Is it true that when you have to have a difficult conversation you HAVE to be calm to persuade the other person?

I have a really, really hard decision to make.

I got two Cs this term, despite getting mostly As.

I need to to talk to the professors to understand if there is something I can do to make-up for it. I have no delusions about getting As in those courses, I just want a little bit of a push to get out of the C range.

I am so miserable. I haven't been able to function because all I'm thinking about is those ugly Cs and what will happen if I cannot convince them.

But I think I am majorly hurting my case and this freaked out, psychotic girl is NOT going to make a good impression. If I calm down the likelihood of them taking me seriously will be higher.

Any suggestions on how I can calm down and think of ways to not obsess over it?


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  • I feel the calmer you are, the more rational you come across as, the more they feel they can be forward and honest without worrying about you panicking, and maybe even the more they'd be willing to work with you to try to help.
    There is no shame in telling them that the low marks are panicking you a little, but don't SHOW the panic.

  • You probably should have had the conversations, mid-term, not at the end. At mid-term, you can come in with a willingness to do better, needing 'guidance', rather than begging, at the end of the term!!
    I would take the 'C's and remember, and pay attention, next term, at mid-term.
    Sometimes you just don't 'mesh' with some teachers, and don't learn, like they teach! That's OK, but if you are having trouble, you should have a good idea, by the mid-term test results! THAT is when to take action!


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