What do you think about this article written by a victim of female-on-male rape?


(Please don't be a lazy ass and ask for a tl;dr. If you can't bother to read, then skip this question.)


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  • first of all... CRACKED IS AMAZING!

    OK, now that that's out of my system, it's a shame how we treat victims of female-on-male (or even male-on-male, female-on-female and especially anyone-on-transgender) rape. As a society we seem to think that only male-on-female rape is legitament, and if it's commited by a female the guy must have enjoyed it.

    What's worse is that we as a society admits that it does happen, like domestic abuse towards males, but also like domestic abuse towards males, it treats the victims terribly. Obviously, if you've just gone through something traumatic like that, and think people are going to laugh at you, you're not going to get help, are you? That leads to them potentially having to deal with issues like PTSD and depression, and can cause them to committ suicide.

  • Thank you for sharing that article. I feel sorry for what happened to that guy in the story. Rape is a crime. The rapist should be given the same sentence regardless of gender.

    • You're welcome. Unfortunately many rapist go free