Why is my underwear getting holes?

everytime 1-2 years after i buy and use new pair of jockey underwears they start getting holes in them. And its not only in the crotch area. its also on the sides and on the butt area as well.. why does this happen and is there a way to prevent it when i buy new pairs?


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  • Some people's gastric excretions have extremely high acid content caused by unsanitary bung hole maintenance. I think if you try wiping at least three times after each bowel evacuation, and washing the area in question with soap and water at least once monthly, your underwear will serve you as they should.

    • but then what about the sides?

    • Ones gastric emissions tend to disperse somewhat evenly when one is wearing pants.

  • No dude, because you move around while wearing underwear, you will eventually wear holes in all your clothing. You cannot prevent this from happening.

    • is there no underwear brand that can prevent this?

    • All fabric will eventually wear out.

    • but so fast? in like 1.5 - 2 years?