Broke up with br/gf and got back together?

Anyone broke up with their bf/gf and ever gotten back together? If so how long were you guys broken up for, who did the breaking up why and who initiated contact first after to try again? I officially broke up with mine this Friday due to a bunch of stuff he's dealing with in his life. He said its nothing I did or didn't do its just the way he's feeling. He also told me he's not feeing the way he thinks he should and thinks we weren't growing closer which I think is bs bc he closed himself off from me and our friends when he was stressed. I miss him greatly and want him back. We are so alike we the same views on life and the future and have a lot of the same interest etc. I feel like there is a chance but I'm not sure how to get him back if there is any. I know it sounds weird but in my heart I feel like we are not done but that's just me. We hung up the phone and was just like ok bye that's it. He hasn't taken me off his friends list on fb or pictures down but he may never do that but I just want him back ahh! Should I initiate eventually?


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  • Forget it. You'll break up again. It didn't work get over it and move on


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