Question for anyone with Aspergers, apart from being socially awkward, did you're condition ever manifest itself in any other shortcomings?

I have Aspergers and I used to be weak, have low stamina, was clumsy and had a low processing speed, difficulty multitasking and was absent minded.

Now I'm physically stronger, more athletic and better coordinated and am faster, better at multitasking and have WAAAYYYYYY better situational awareness than most neurotypicals


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  • How did you achieve this? I think I have aspergers but I'm not sure

    • Good question, and to be honest I'm not exactly sure :P
      Are you deficient in those areas too?

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    • I'm not sure exactly how to get tested for it , but you could google psychologists/psychiatrists who specialize in it and they could give you more info on it :)

    • Although the transition from low-functioning to high functioning was a long one. (too long for the comments section) if you want more info you can PM me.

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