Everytime I get too stressed/sad /anxious I hurt myself, like punching a wall or punching myself until I leave a bruise is that too weird/wrong?


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  • trust me when I say this, go invest in a heavy bag and gloves


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  • I knew someone that was like you, in fact it was my significant other. Whenever he got angry he would punch a wall at full force.
    His whole hand would be black and blue for a while.
    Some days it would be swollen and he'd have pain using it.
    I had to keep talking to him, and I helped him find a better way to cope and deal with his anger.
    I let him know it's okay to walk away and allow yourself to cool down.
    Come back, when you're more calm cool and collected, acting on emotions will always destroy you!
    This is the way I feel about you.
    It's not weird, because I've witnessed this before but it's definitely wrong because you are hurting yourself.
    You're causing yourself physical pain.
    There are better ways to channel your anger.
    It's just all a matter of finding what works for you.

    • didn't find another way yet

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    • I am not close to my parents all they want is good grades they don't care if I am ok

    • https://supportgroups.com

      Wish I could help more but the above site is a great one to join. You can post messages and questions and people with the same problem can talk and try to help you.

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  • yes. get relational counseling for unresolved emotional issues. Stay out of relationships for now please. You are basically acting out of some emotional wound.

    • I don't have any emotional issues it's just my way to let things go

    • Little babies don't usually come out with that kind of energy. I think you don't know what you dont' know. But if I'm wrong, then you have a career in professional wrestling or boxing... Yes I think it is odd to hurt yourself. there is nothing wrong with being physical as an outlet though, I'm not saying that... if we have "stuff" inside, we want it out.

    • well I always thought about being a professional wrestler hahaha

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    • omg I know this movie hahha and maybe a little

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  • you're weird but do what you want