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So I know this isn't a third world problem but I have had a really bad year my friend passed away so did my dog I recently failed a test and booked the wrong date for a hotel that is non refundable so i lost all my money i was so excited to go to Disney :/ and then my friends prom is May 7th and he asked me to go with him a while back I said yes bought a really expensive dress but recently a guy sexually assaulted me I have been stressed out because of school i also have done things wrong i feel useless incompetent i want to skip to a better time that I feel will never come a lot has been going on i'm breaking out I went to clean at a beach for earth day and i have a bunch of bug bites i also have keratosis pilaris and its flaring up I feel very insecure and unhappy so I don't want to go but I promised him and he is super excited he bought everything to match my dress a corsage the whole deal what do I do?


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  • Honey, don't let what is keeping you down or what you are insecure about keep you from going to prom. Your date really likes you and I can tell you really like him. You say that you want to get to a better time in your life, let Prom be the beginning of this better time :) You have your dress and you have your date and prom is a really fun time :) And your bug bites and keratosis are no reason to be worried. You will be just as beautiful and perfect to your date.


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