Anyone know much about extradition laws for suspected criminals?

Basically this guy did some pretty nasty stuff, he filmed people without their consent and then apparently used it to sextort some of them. Plus other cyber related stuff on top of that. And whatever else we haven't heard about yet.

The police are finally investigating but the thing is the guy is now working in japan. Just wondered how easy it would be and if anyone had an idea of how long the extradition process would take - to get him back from japan to Europe to be questioned/arrested. As far as I'm aware he has no prior convictions but who knows.


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  • Interpol will take care of him

  • That's a grey area. Japan is everyones Allie. Everyone frowns upon his actions.
    That said IF there's a warrant for his arrest including Interpol he will be arrested. It could be a traffic stop or crossing a boarder. With that said it's up to the country that issued the warrant to pay for his extradition. Who knows if they will? Probably not. There's a small possibility (if he is not a Japanese citizen) he may be invited to leave. Even then that's usually voluntary or you don't show up & remain a fugitive. Little time is spent tracking down this type of offender. Again he may be stopped for an incident & rearrested & a different course of action may be taken.

    • See he's an English teacher so I don't think they will want him to stay teaching their kids or potentially young teenage girls so I'm hoping they would want him to leave once they find out but who knows.

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    • I'm assuming you don't live in the US. You can notify the NPA (National Police Agency) in Japan IF you feel he is indeed a possible threat to the young girls.

    • Nah I don't want to do anything that would jepordise the police investigation. I'm sure they are on top of it. Was just curious as to the extradition process.

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