What do you think? Was it a answer from God or just me?

I ask the Lord to give me a dream. I asked him "if my crush still thinks good about me and still likes me, give me a dream". I asked him "if he does, make it about me and my crush talking about God."
I woke up last night after having that dream. But it was so short, i can't remember the dream much.

  • It was an answer from Him
  • no just you
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You wanted it, your brain gave it to you.

    You really shouldn't ask this question on a site with the majority being non-religious.

    • My bad. I love God and I want everyone to know. God bless

    • No problem!

What Guys Said 3

  • Nope, your brain fulfilled your request because you asked for it.

  • Science tells us that we can form our own dreams if we want to dream them enough. So, God didn't have anything to do with it.

  • Yeah this sounds almost like its drug related..


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What Girls Said 1

  • I believe in god but I think he generally leaves that sort of thing up to us. Besides, if you tell yourself what u want to dream about before u sleep or if somethings just been playing on your mind-you can end up dreaming about it. I'm not saying 'god has more important things to do' its just I think he wants to figure stuff like this out for ourselves.

    • Haha actually, God helps with relationships. Its just you have to forfill his plan. He'll provide, but you need to do it yourself.

    • God helps with relationships, not crushes. Because making someone like you back that doesn't would be wrong. He might help you get over a crush of course, give you strength to move on with your life... maybe even send a more suitable love interest your way.

      I once fell totally in love at first sight with someone and thought I'd never see him again. A year later he walks into my office as my new boss. I thought it was a sign, I was wrong, he had a girlfriend. I realised it wasn't a sign... if anything it was a test - my moral fibre. My point is, sometimes we think people are put into our life for a reason and these feelings we have are so that we can get this person to like us back and live happily ever after with them -but its actually just co-incidence... or for a whole different reason that we didn't consider.

      God wants us to be happy, but usually we have to be tested first.