Why do people think I'm taller than I really am?

Ok so I'm about 5'7 or 5'8 and I've always been bigger than other kids. People always assume that I'm taller than that. My aunt was like, "Girl please you're 6ft! Stop trying to make yourself shorter." When some people look at my pictures they were shocked about how big I was for my age. For example, my dad's friends son was looking at my kindergarten pictures. He thought I was in second or third grade but my dad said that was my kindergarten picture and he was like, "Really? Dang! I thought she was in third grade. My dad was like, "Yup she's a big girl. There's NOTHING little about her."
What does my dad mean by that?

This Mexican girl at my school is little. She's 13 like me but she's slender, small and 4'9 or 4'10.


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  • maybe cause you have long porportioned legs, high shoulders.

    • So? That doesn't mean I'm tall. My cousin said I'm 6ft and I don't need to be losing too much weight. And I need to weight more than small girls. I keep telling her I'm only 5'7 but she didn't answer me and doesn't believe me.

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    • It'd a good thing to be tall

    • Not when you're a girl.

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