Should There Be A Law About Disclosing Your "Gender Status"?

Let's face it... the world is changing. Being transgendered is now becoming a little more accepted everyday. HOWEVER... as a STRAIGHT MALE, I would never date a guy who transitioned to a female. It would never happen. Ever.

Over the past few months. I have talked to a few pretty "women"... or... I thought they were women. Something felt "off" about them... so I would ask them a bunch of questions before going out on dates with them to see why it was "off"... and they would eventually disclose to me that they were, in fact, transgendered. Had they not told me that, I would have never known until it was too late.

Now... many people may say, "well, you should have known they were actually guys". No.. not true. I have seen a lot of transgender men (errr men who transitioned to female) who actually look better than a lot of women.

I just don't feel that it is right to play with someone's emotions like that. Like, why wouldn't you be straight up with someone and let them know that you are transgendered. It isn't right... but transgendered people have been killed for this.

I think that there should be law about disclosing your "gender" status if you are asked about it.


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  • I don't think it should be that big a deal. Take someone for what they are, not what they were. People are entitled to their own privacy.

    • People are entitled to not be led on too

    • How is it being led on? If they had the sex change then that's who they are. They shouldn't be treated like they are what they're not

    • the obviousness to this question needs no explanation. He is looking to meet women not substatures or imaginary

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