People who tease others for a joke, what made u start?

I don't mean in a mean way but a way which is intended as a playful joke.

Bit of a random question but I was just thinking of how I wind people up this way and how I started: My uncle and Dad used to tease me a lot when I was little (my uncle was the worst for it) and I'd get angry/upset and think they were bullying me. One day when I was 12 or 13 I decided to say something back to my uncle (can't remember what) & I expected him to get upset and apologize for his behaviour. Instead he laughed at what I said. Then I laughed. I was confused for a moment but came to the realisation that he'd been joking all the time - He hadn't been bullying me at all!

It continued with us insulting eachother and laughing at the insults and it was actually pretty fun. I tend to wind up my family, friends and even boyfriend in a similar way now, the behaviour has just kind of stuck.


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  • I only tease people I like.

  • It's just my morbid sense of humor.


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