Is it normal to fantasize about a dude this much before I've even met the man? Or am I really obsessive?

I don't know I feel like this is a weird question, buuuut I'm really nervous to meet this guy for the first time in person. It will be at a public cafe on Sunday. I'm 21, he's 26, we met on social media a couple weeks ago... I only have access to his Instagram bc that's all he has. But the first time I saw his photos I was like woah!! This guy is my "mr perfect!" His eyes are darker than mine, his hair is dark, he is of mixed ethnicities, lip piercing, NICE lips, edgy, etc. We started talking; he's very nice, he asked me out right away. I've been stalking his Instagram daily.. At times his looks almost scare me? Like he's too good to be true, there must be a catch, etc. But I mean, I know he's real because he has so many photos and a couple videos.. There's one of him smoking from a pipe and blowing out and I almost jizzed in my pants lollll. I found he has many tattoos too... Like on his neck, arms, and hands.. And he's in a band.. He's from another country and moved here a year ago. I'm already getting butterflies and fantasizing about him harddddcore. Like making playlists of songs that are about falling and everything ! He shows just as much likeness for me. We've been chatting daily. I'm just scared that when we meet in person he won't be what I imagined based on his photos and videos. Or that we won't click. Or maybe I am not what I seemed in my photos to him, I don't know.

am I weird because I'm thinking of this guy all the time when we haven't even met yet? Or is that a good thing bc I really like him? I haven't been showing him my interest as I have described.


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  • People always try to show the best when they are fall in love that seem them would not drain shite... etc. It make the process of falling in love is that keep on accepting shite untill you can accept her worst.
    I think it does not matter that is true or false, I think that is thoughts anyway.
    So good luck to you.


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  • I have felt the same.
    It's called infatuated.
    This person seems beautiful in every way.
    Infatuation feels great but what you must realize is that you are only head over heels over your perception of him. Every has a flaw.
    Infatuation sort of makes us blind to that.
    Infatuation also becomes bad when you're unable to control your strong emotions for that individual , you might do crazy and nutty things that are not typical of you.
    My advice is recognize the way you feel and try your best to control it.
    You're not weird or obsessive , more people get infatuated than you think. It really is a similar feeling to love. It's really only fantasy however.