Anyone know where I can get a payday loan online fast with no credit?

Guys I'm currently struggling. I stay in Glasgow UK, and I need £559 by tommorrow morning. I have tried to apply for a payday loan but no one seems to want to accept me due to me being 18 with little to no credit history. The £559 is for a holiday (I know pathetic right) but my friend who has been saving up for a year now has already paid her full amount and will only get 30% back so I need to pay. I would've saved but my mum said she was going to pay however we aren't talking at the moment and she said she won't pay. I have a job 24hrs a week and I earn about £190 weekly. Anyone know where I can apply and get approved. High interest is fine as I am starting a new job in 2 weeks and it pays well. Please any help or suggestions would be great.

I applied for wonga, savvy etc


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