Has any guy been let off a speeding ticket by the cops?

I know plenty of girls who've been let off - some who did 40km/hr above the speed limit.
I don't know of a single guy who has been let off though.
I got busted for doing 101km/hr in a 100km/hr zone. I was really polite and even suggested that I had my car on cruise control at 100km/hr. There were 2 officers present - one's device showed 101 and the other showed 102, yet their devices are accurate. I kid you not.. this is a real story.
For those who want to know more details.. I'm a man, and I'm not white. This happened in Australia.


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  • You're not white - that's the problem here, not your gender. Australia has a STRONG preference for whites.

    • That's not entirely true, as Australia is quite multicultural. But of course there's different points of view. :)

    • @Drasi You're correct in stating that Australia is multicultural, but so is the opinion owner in stating that there is a strong PREFERENCE for whites. I think gender does play a huge role in this scenario.

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  • I know guys that have been let off for blowing stop signs and not wearing seat belts, not sure about speeding though.
    I know a girl that got away with 110 OVER the limit, can't figure out how she pulled that one off.

  • Yes, only because the cop knew my girlfriend was the comm operator at the police dept. He went on & on about how he's going to tell her & I better not be driving like that again. It got to the point I was getting tired of him lecturing me. I was going to say "shut up & give me the ticket"
    I should mention I was going 52 (MPH) in a 25 (MPH) It was a long stretch of road behind factories with no cross streets. My mistake was saying "that's a little excessive" He lectured me about that too.