Should I switch my phone services to a diffent company?

Right now I have t mobile and pay $95 a month and I can barley load a YouTube video up with out it freezing up. I can normal deal with bs like that but the main problem is am always being charged extra money out of no where. I took my extra phone insurance off to little my bill to $74 yet some how it's $100 with charges that make no sense. Like a $20 talk charge yet I have unlimited talk and text? I never call anyone who lives out from NYC and I barley make phone calls so wtf? Am thinking of switching to sprint which will make my bill $50 q month and they will pay off any fees I have left with t mobile. What do you guys think? sorry about the bad gammer


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  • I have unlimited everything with t mobile and haven't had any problems. My bill is $113 but that includes monthly charges for a couple of apps I downloaded. What I like about them is no contracts

    • I don't know I barly have any apps download and my main problems seems to be YouTube or loading videos. I have a iPhone 5s so no reason why I shouldn't be able to load up a video. things seemed better when I was with boost mobile

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    • It could be you tube itself

    • Maybe but it does the same thing with Facebook and my showbox. am most annoyed that I can't be charged more money everytime I turn around