Are corporate types the most selfish people that you'll ever come across in your life?

I can't get over how hypocritical some of them are.

They talk about professionalism, authority, rules/regulations etc. and make you feel as though they are such good, law-abiding citizens.

And then you witness that when push comes to shove, they will stop at absolutely nothing to save their own ass. The rules just don't apply to them at that moment in time.


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  • Personally I think the average employee is more selfish than the average "corporate type". There are scumbags at all levels. But I think there are actually more at the lower end of the spectrum than at the upper end. The difference is that when scumbags get higher up they can do more damage, and are more visible.

    But go out on the streets in any big city and you'll pass piece-of-shit scumbags by the hundreds, just walking down the sidewalk. You don't think those people will rip you off at every opportunity? If you really think the average person on the street is any better than the average corporate type, think again. The people on the streets are MUCH worse than the ones in the corporate office.

    • I think it's the other way around.

      See people assume the worst about the ones on the street. Uneducated, unemployed, good for nothing. I don't believe it about those people, but I know others do.

      Corporate types are put on a pedestal. They are actually believed to be better people. This is the fundamental problem.

      They are not better people, they're selfish little weasels who, given their ass on the line in any way, will break every single rule possible to get out of a situation unscathed.

      For example, I had to hear some pretty awful things from a corporate type person in the University setting.

      I later came to know her son had a learning disability, which is when I realized how selfish, stupid and hypocritical she really was. She can lower another student's self-esteem but she can get her own son into the school (who I have nothing against and feel is probably a good person), with no moral dilemma faced on the means in which she got him in

    • "See people assume the worst about the ones on the street."

      I'm not "assuming" anything. I know it for a fact. I've been around a bit. Not just a few people but a LOT. I've been around a lot of people on the streets, and a lot of corporate types. Sure there are selfish little weasels in the corporate world. But there are a heck of a lot more on the streets. You have to look out for #1. But I'm going to watch my back on the street a lot more closely than I do in a corporation.

      It sounds to me like you are judging by rumor and the way you think things work, more than any actual experience.

    • Actually, times have compelled the person on the street to reduce themselves to that level. Not saying I agree with their behaviour in the least (especially if they do things like steal, murder etc.) but you do tend to realize that they had a much shittier life than the average person.

      The corporate types on the other hand (plenty of experience) are little weasels that have qualities I do not respect in a person in the least: selfish, don't care to admit their mistakes, think they are above others, will do anything to save themselves, I could go on and on.

      Also hate to say it, but a lot of the times it is not really the powerful CEO sitting in a boardroom who is any of the above. It is the more accessible to the average person corporate types, such as professors, non-executive level accountants etc.

      Oh I forgot jealousy being one of the major qualities that a good 80% of them possess.

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  • How can you lump everyone into one single bucket? This is as bad as being racist.

    I'm one of the corporate types by the way.

    • Not everyone is like that.

      But I have noticed that they think they are better and the world is stupid.

      I have seen corporate types get away with all kind of things hiding under this shield of professionalism which is pure bullshit

  • Isn't that everybody?

  • Being a "corporate type" I can tell you that the objective is to, at the end of the day, get whatever it is done no matter what. It is not that we do not hold dear our integrity but there is also a limit to how far what is optimal methodologically can be pressed against both time and resources.

    • That's not what I meant.

      A lot of these people don't even really give a shit about their work. They care about money, and they care about power.

      When I said if they want to save their ass, I meant if they want to save their job, their family, or even themselves, they will get their hands dirty if they want to without giving a shit about all the other people affected by it.

    • I'm rather certain that all men, no matter their place in the rank and file, will gladly sacrifice the greater good for self-comfort and indulgence. It is not the position of the corporate head that makes one a coward, that potential was always there, and it always will be no matter whether they are CFO or a janitor. The same is true for the love of money; we do not fault the janitor when all he cares about is the paycheck because we presume it is a "crappy" job and his heart not being in every swish of the mop if "acceptable" but the moment a big businessman is the same we consider him a heartless ogre? Double standards are something the wealthy have to endure all the time but most wealthy entrepreneurs and heads of state and corporation are actually passionate about their profession simply because you don't really spend the time or energy rising to the top if you're not.

    • I wasn't talking about people at the head of an organization. They are actually given enough slack and not put on a pedestal in the least.

      Think about it, we hear about a company sinking in the news, the first person we blame is the CEO. There's a lot more coverage on a CEO's life and there's a lot of pressure they have to live up to.

      It's the middle people who are always the worst, not those on the top. These include the academics in finance, wall street type young investment bankers, etc. mostly people who've been given a title of prestige without having to actually bust their ass for it.

      I've met some Presidents/CEOs of pretty big companies in University, they are actually really nice and humble because they know what it's like to be working every single day for x amount of hours and don't have time for games.

  • That's exactly the type of person attracted to that type of job.

    • The whole system is fucked up.

      I attended one of the best business schools in the country, and it felt like I was in some kind of cult. instead of teaching us to respect one another and be thankful we have a shot at a good education, they almost ENCOURAGED this form of thinking that we are better than other people, spouting nonsense like we will be at each other's weddings years from now etc. etc.

      It's scary. If you're not goign to teach these kids right from wrong at the school level, they will never realize what it really means to be ethical to begin with.

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    • right minds to encourage their delusions.

      It's a cycle that doesn't ever stop.

    • Too true.

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