5.56 rifle that's like the Mini 14, but without a rotating bolt?

So I'm not a big fan of ar's and the like. I like wood and steal, old fashioned rifles. That's why I got the Mini 14, because it was the closest I could get to an M1 garand. But I'm horrible at getting the rotating bolt back in after I'm done cleaning the rifle. Takes a lot of patients and time. I love the rifle, but the bolt! I just need more practice until I'm used to it. But I also want another rifle that takes a magazine and preferably, made of wood and steal. Main thing is just fun target practice for now, until I'm good enough for hunting. so any other 5.56 rifles that are like the Mini 14, just without the rotating bolt?



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  • I am a sticler for the older military weapory myself. I have an old Enfield 30-06 as well as a 303 British. Both with rotary bolt actions. Both are incredibly accurate and are my preferred hunting rifles due to the unbelievable ranges. The 303 is marked to 2,000 yards

  • You need to dismantle a Mini 14 to clean it properly.
    All that you have to do is put a screwdriver in the little hole at the rear of the trigger guard. How to use the screwdriver to lever the catch open will be self evident.
    The weapon comes to pieces easily from that point.
    It is impossible to clean an weapon properly without stripping it.

    • PS: Why do you like 5.56x45mm?
      It is next to useless as a military calibre.
      For hunting, it is not much use for anything larger than a fox.
      My favourite weapon is the FN FAL L1A1.

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    • I cannot imagine why you are having difficulty getting the bolt back in. It just falls back into place, if you put it in from the rear of the action.
      I do not like 5.56 because it not a man killer. It can kill a man, but not reliably.
      I bought a Mini 14, but to teach my children how to shoot when they were small.
      I am a former solider who is old fashioned enough to want a target to die instantly when I shoot it.
      For large game, 5.56 is absolutely not the calibre to use, unless you want the deer to have a slow and agonising death.
      If you look at the Ruger website, you will see the rifles that Ruger recommends for that sort of purpose.
      Something in 7.62x51mm or 7.62x63mm (aka 30.06) would be ideal, I believe.

  • Well if you want a garand like weapon, its platform was based off of the m1903 springfield bolt action rifle just with the workings of a semi-auto if I'm correct.
    Also I would probably hunt with soemthing bigger than an intermediate round.