Which of these color combinations is best for a gender neutral nursery?

  • Gray and aqua
  • Aqua and tan/brown
  • Navy and mint green
  • Other (please comment with your idea)
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  • Out of those, I'd say aqua and tan, but I like the look of gray and aqua better. I think a more gender neutral color would be green or yellow, but it seems like you really want to incorporate the color aqua. :?

    • When you said you'd say aqua and tan but like the look of gray and aqua, what exactly did you mean? Just the particular patterns in the pictures? That's about all I could find with a quick google search. I honestly think yellow is ugly. I'd be open to a shade of green though, which is why I had mint green in the last combo. Thanks for commenting!

    • I meant aqua and tan looks to be the best for a gender neutral nursery, but I think aqua and gray looks better. Yeah, I think green then.

  • Aqua and tan/brown

    • I like the aqua and tan one best because the tan makes the room look warmer and it's not too over powering