I think my neighbor just committed a crime?

i was in the living room with my family watching a movie, we heard a loud crash.
we didn't pay attention to it and kept watching the movie til like 5 minutes later we saw police lights.

we went outside, and our neighbor is coming in our yard asking us if we saw what happened.
Me, my mom, my sister, & neighbor walked 2t he scene and saw what was going on.

There were police cars, a black truck that crashed into a stop sign, another car, & a fire hydrant..
with no one in it except blood on the concrete.

My neighbor said he was driving with his friend and saw it happen and saw the people in the truck run away. He said he talked to someone else about it and he found out they were drunk driving
and crashed. when they crashed they both fled the scene and he saw them run

he said 1 of the guys had on a black wife beater & the other guy had on a white one.
he said they looked underage

I suspect he did it for many reasons.

- Our neighbor had on a black wife beater with a jacket on.
- there were shoes on the ground from the suspect, we're guessing he ran out of them
- my neighbor had on sneakers.
- he came over our house way too quick after it happened.
- he said he didn't want to keep coming to the scene because people would think he was telling the police what happened and label him as a "snitch"
-my neighbor smelled like beer

So this is my theory:
In update i dont have enough space

  • I think you're right, he had something to do with it
  • No he sems innocent
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lets call my neighbor N

So my N was drunk driving with a friend and his friend crashed into the stop sign etc
they both fled the scene to my neighbors house which is like 3 houses down from where it happened.
my neighbor wanted to make sure no one saw him so he slipped a jacket on and put shoes onthen came outside

he ran outside 2 make sure they wrnt seen, and saw us coming outside so he came over to ask if we "seen anything" more like if we seen him.

We said no & walked 2 the scene.
He smelled like beer and he tells us he heard the supects were "drunk driving"
he has on a black wife beater under his jacket

and he has on sneakers.
he ran in and found a different pair of shoes.


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  • Your neighbour sounds suspicious. :-?
    I would keep an eye on him if I were you, but till you don't have any clear evidence, you can't go to the police.

    • I've always been suspicious of him..
      but he is pretty nice

    • That's what he wants you to believe!~ 😱

      Okay, okay, I'm joking. :-j

    • wouldn't doubt it lol

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    • hmmm

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    • isn't that good that they're mean to the others

    • Depends. Life is complicated.