Disgusting/normal people, do you do this habit?


Disgusting/normal people, do you do this habit?

  • Lmao sure, i can't keep my finger out from my nose throughout the day
  • No it's disgusting
  • It's one of my favorite hobbies in life, i even eat the boogers for some vet
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9 girls voted yes WOW :D
Actually 13 lol


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  • Every time I'm driving if I look to the side, it usually always happens that I see a GUY poking all innnnn there!! It's so gross!! And it's always a guy!! Why?

    Why can't they do that at home 'in' the bathroom!! To be precise!! And with tissues!! Not fingers 😖Eewwk!!!


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  • I'd be lying if I said I didn't do it sometimes.

    Still gonna go anon tho

    • It takes too much of a confidence to unwrap the anon lmao

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    • @Errhh You sound like a teenager. Adults don't respond to things with "OMG gross". They look for a logical reason for certain behaviors, and there usually is one.

    • Firstly, I'll react my natural reaction and not according to how one is "supposed" to.. This is the impression I get so it's gross! Very!! So I'll say Ewk!! And omg and whatever else I feel like saying if it's the emotion it evokes in me from why ever I saw, read or thought etc.. Etc..

      Secondly, I'm not human.

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  • There's nothing quite so satisfying as getting the tip of your fingernail onto the edge of a big ol' bugger and dislodging it from the inside of your nose. You can feel it pulling away and come lose. Victory!

    I remember when I was captured by the enemy and was tortured three times a day. I wanted to give up. I wanted to die. But then I thought "You know, if I give up and let myself die, I'll never have the pleasure of dislodging another bugger." I came to the realization that I really did want to live. I endured the torture for seven more months before special ops rescued me. Once I was freed and my hands untied, the first thing I did was pick a big ol' bugger. It was so satisfying. It made it all worthwhile.

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