I still like him... Confess or get over it?

So I actually like a guy... here. We've connected on so many levels. The only thing that was stopping him from asking me out is... The distance. He lives in London where I live no where near that. Literally on a different continent. He knew I wanted to be with him but he had a bad experience with a long distant relationship where the girl ghosted him. So me and him stayed friends but I had a hard time.. he said he still cares about me and likes talking to me but I still like him. Even now he'll get protective if any guy messes with me.. I tried to move on but deep down.. I still like him. Should I confess it to him or just leave it?

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What Guys Said 1

  • sure tell him.. but i wouldn't get too emotionally invested into something which is generally doomed before it begins. if either of you is a millionaire, then you won't suffer from the problems associated w/ long distance.


What Girls Said 2

  • Confess and tell him that he either wants you or he doesn't, and if he does then he should be willing to trust you and pursue you, otherwise you aren't going to stay and waste your time.

    Love should come from both sides, and if there's enough of it, he will make it work.

  • Let it go

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