Confused. So I have a boost pre paid smartphone. yesterday I was suppose to have paid the bill but I really didn't use all of it?

I had 5.15gbs left this morning I had 0.0kb it started increasing to like 63mb and it'll go to 79mb to 0.08mb my two questions are first what happened to the rest of the unused gbs I didn't use and two y does it drop down? Since I didn't use all the gbs it says my phone bill is due June 2 sooo all of this is confusing me honestly


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  • What probably happened is that your data usage reset. You pay for a certain amount per month, and if you don't use it it disappears. The count will go up the more you use your data, and it will drop back to 0 on the first day of your new cycle. So the 2nd seems to be the date in which your data and bill reset.

    • Like so confusing at first but thanks for the info

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