Does Capitalism give freedom to the people?

Capitalism is associated with words like free markets free enterprise freedom of choice
But Do you think Capitalism gives freedom to the people?

  • Yes it does
  • No if you have money you have the freedom in this system
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  • It gives you the freedom to change careers and make other life changes as many times as you want. So yes it gives you much more freedom than the other alternatives. However, life is not fair so it will always be easier for some than others.


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  • Capitalism is a system where you are free to choose a job or product, are free to start a business of your choosing, are free to quit a job, and are free to hire and fire a person as needed.

    Whenever you go to the store and purchase a product of your choosing you are engaged in capitalism. Whenever you are forced to pay for something you didn't choose, such as car or health insurance, you're engaged in socialism.

    • Like I said before, capitalism makes people slaves. The only freedom you have is the freedom to choose what kind of slave you want to be.

      A burger flipper? An account? Either way more than half of your life will be spent working, and you have no choice but to keep on working because if you dont, you die.

    • @Pac-Man That's bull shit.

    • @Pac-Man it takes very little money to get enough for food everyday, and very little work to get that money. Anything more than that is simply choice. You want a nice computer, you want a nice apartment, you want the latest iPhone. That's your choice to work more to get the money to afford those things. If you just stuck to what keeps you alive though you could get away with 1 day a work per month, and I know people who do exactly that.

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  • It gives freedom only to those with more money. If you're working a low pay job and have enough money only for rent and food, you would have to work every single moment of your life, just to sustain yourself. What kind of freedom is that?

    It gets to the point where you work to live, and live to work.

    • my toughts exactly

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    • @JoeCensored Even with a job that earns a lot of money you are still working more than half of your life, and you are basically a slave because to your job because you build everything in life around it. Last time I checked your life is the most important thing a person has. Why are you giving half of yours away? Whats worse is that if you dont have a private business you're slaving away making money for someone else. You have the freedom, the freedom to choose what type of slave you want to be.

    • Your freedom is if you don't want to you don't have to slave away for over half your life. I know plenty of people who keep their expenses down and just work part time. I know people who worked 80 hours a week for a few years building a business and then turned it over to a manager and have kicked back for over a decade. I know people who just do an occasional odd job but otherwise just live in a tent cause they would rather live more and work less. That's capitalism and freedom. No one is making you slave at that job other than yourself.

  • It gives freedom of opportunity. Not everyone will succeed, but thats life. There is no limit to what you can achieve under capitalism.

  • People say there's always jobs available, so i'd say it is.