Hypothetical situation for any cops or lawyers or anyone lol?

Ok so hypothetical situation here. There's a guy, let's call him Steve. Now in Steves neighbourhood there has been a recent crime spree of burglaries and among other things like money, jewellery and cars that have been stolen from Steve and his neighbours, Steve has been getting beer stolen from his bar fridge outside. Now for a completely unrelated reason Steve buys a 6 pack and poisons them and puts them in his fridge. And the next morning to Steves surprise the 6 pack is missing! He finds out the thieves took them, and if anything happens to said thieves could Steve be charged or held responsible?

Completely hypothetical of course ;)


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  • Steve could possibly be sued for bodily injury, in the same way that a criminal can break into your house, get shot/bit by a dog and sue. However whether Steve sees any jail time or has to pay out any money is up to the courts. If you live in a highly liberal area like california then its more probable than if you live in a gun owner type state where people are of the opinion that "trespassers will be shot and taken away in a body bag"

    • That's interesting. What exactly has Steve done wrong? As it said, for a completely unrelated reason. It's not Steves fault these filthy scum that think they have the right to take the things people work hard to earn, sorry I mean hypothetical thieves.

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    • What Steve has learned is that he should put something in them to make them really sick but not enough to poison/kill them.


    • It would be different to shooting an intruder because Steve didn't actually pull the 'trigger' he didn't force the thieves to drink poisoned beer, they took and consumed it on their own accord. He merely had the 'gun' and they 'shot' themselves. Steve might not have been in the same room, or even in the house for that matter, he could have been at a party for example with alabies. And as far as I'm awar there's no law against having rat poison in beer that you had no intention of giving to a human.

      But anyway I'd like to add 'Steve' hasn't actually done any of this although his break in problem is real this was merely a drunken idea he had and was just curious.

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  • Steve should collect evidence as necessary, and then let the job of the police be done by... WAIT FOR IT... the police.

    Daily life in our country is peaceful precisely because it is governed by the rule of law, and NOT by vigilantism. Nor mob justice.

    • Actually this is in Australia and even if they were caught, under the YJA (youth justice act) they would be let off with no more than a slap on the wrist and told not to be naughty. And they'd be back on the street the next night doing it again even more confidant in them selves knowing they can keep getting away with it!

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  • Yes Steve can be held liable