Would you want to see a statistic of how many times youve had spit in your food?

If it were possible of course. We all know most fast food employees are bitter creatures. Would you want to know? Or is it one of those cases where ignorance is a bliss?

here's a bonus video of an employee wiping the floor with a bun.


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  • That is evil!

    kind of makes me not want to get food from any kind of restaurant.

    • Don't tell me you never thought about it lol that's why I rarely order food from the same place twice. I think they would be nicer if they don't know that I don't tip hahah

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    • I agree on that xD I would like to pay the price thats stated on the menu, thank you! And actually sometimes those prices include the tip, but they dont tell you.

    • Thank you for mhg. :)

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  • Yuck I worked in a restaurant and got all the scummy people fired that disrespected people and their food.

    • Thanks for mh and kudos to you for being to ignore those right wing wackos on your answer. (other question of course)

    • Thanks man :)

    • No problem be well.

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  • if i don't realize it while eating it... it doesn't matter

    • Yeah thats what I say to myself :/ who knows, maybe I've indirectly french kissed the hottest burger girl in all of England!

    • i'm sure i have... but what am i gonna do about it now?


  • This is why i cook 95% of my meals and with the other 5% im watchibg them make it!

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