How to explain the pain of a loved one's death?

I am writing a story for my class and in this one, a girls uncle dies. Her uncle wasn't always a loyal man and even put an innocent man behind bars. But, I need him to die. I want the reader to connect to the pain the main characters is feeling after the loss of her uncle, but how so? I want to describe every single detail possible but I am having a hard time to do so. She grew up with him by her side when her father wasn't around and her mother constantly beat her. Any ideas appreciated!

I am in highschool. The only thing that has messed me up over the years was my brother being taken away from me. That is it.
Don't assume I enjoy writing about this, I don't. But it's for our new campaign for abuse at home or in school, physical, or verbally. So, we've been assigned this. I'm clueless on this topic and decided to ask on here.


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  • Damned if I know I've lost and felt so many people/things die I honestly don't even know how to describe it anymore.

  • This is easy but you are too young to actually do it well. You need more experience for it to be believable since most people don't actually know how to convey complex situations and emotions like death. Connecting with someone's experience is not about catering to it.

    • Well it's my assignment and if I don't do it, I won't pass. So I don't have much of a choice.

    • So then make something up about how she cried for days on end or something. Very generic. Very easily "understandable".

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