Is there anyone you can think of right now that you would shrink to a tiny size if you could?

I'm thinking my ex... 🐜
If I ever shrunk I think seeing a spider or a frog would be my biggest fear! 😓😔😫


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  • How small are we talking?
    Because I would, to myself. I imagine that would be interesting!

    I'd need to buy a tiny saddle first. I am totally turning my cat into a riding-cat.


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  • Me imagine how long a slice of pizza would last... and I think a tiny adventure would be fun

    • 😂😁😁🍕 That would be funny! I think it would be awesome to shrink. But ok, I'm sorry, I couldn't help but think... let's say that happens and u are standing on a slice of pizza trying to eat it, who in your home do u anticipate would see the slice and grab it to eat? 😰

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    • That's good. Other than pizza, lol, where would u want to adventure to first? Who would u try hard to avoid?

    • In my boyfriends pants