How can I control my anger?

In general I'm not an angry person, I'm not very stressed ( or I don't realize I'm stressed), I exercise regularly (3 to 4 times a week). But in general a few times a day, the smallest things can piss me off and I totally loose it in a matter of seconds. It isn't even important things, it might be that my dog just looks at me wrong and then I start shouting at her... I am scared that if this continues, I might start hurting the people around me unnecessarily. Any advice?


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  • Yes, meditate. try Guided Imagery Meditation, get a CD that is like the ocean sounds, nature, etc.. and learn to do that. do that 2x a day for 20min each.
    Get the book chang your life in 7 days... has meditation cd in it for improving your self image, that ill help.

    People don't realize how how stress they have stored... I didn't. Your hypothalamus gland stores up stress and when its filled, you're edge. You have to drain it off... exercise helps, but meditation is better... do both.
    should help.
    The other thing is develping a perspective of "I don't giv a F#2k! Care less about things, care more about people. develop empathy and a concern for people and animals and care less about stuff. The attitude may seem counter intuitive, but it is key to letting go of your perfectionism.
    You could read the Bible and gain wisdom from that.

    • you have a few very good points and I will try some of them. Only thing is, I am a christian and according to me meditation is wrong. I'm not judging you just my opinion. But thanks for all the other pointers.

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    • A Christian that harbors anger can be even worse than others. Why, ... think of it like an explosive... set off outside it is only so bad, put it in a container and it has more power. Christians can bottle stuff up because they are supposed to be a certain way and if they aren't , t hey let people down, and feel bad. Its all these expectations. Let all that crap go and be real!.. which is basically confessing your sins. Letting that stuff go in a healthy way, is freeing.
      Same thing with harbored emotional pain from childhood, that is how you process that junk as well...

    • Very true what you say. Guess it's just the word meditation that I have connected to negative stuff. And thanks again for all the ideas. I really think they will help.

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  • I would suggest looking into your life and situation, and figuring out why you have such deep-seated anger. Exercise is very useful, as is any relaxation or stress-releasing activity. But that doesn't go to the core of the problem.

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