How do you prepare yourself for bad news?

Title says it all, what are some of your tips to potentially facing bad news?


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  • "Title says it all, what are some of your tips to potentially facing bad news?"

    - Have a plan: Try to think of the most plausible out comes and think about what the next course of action is if it arises. You can't control certain things however you can have your back up plans.

    If things do fall apart, it will suck but at least you have a plan to remedy the best you can.

    • The problem I have really is figuring out who to listen to -- my head or my gut. My boyfriend and I are on a two week break -- My mind tells me "let him go" or "a break always leads to a break up". My gut tells me "just hold on for now, and wait the two weeks". Most people who I've told this to also tell me not to bother and just end it. When ever I think about doing that my gut still kicks in and says to wait.

    • Life is always a mix of both right, emotions vs logic.

      You'll have to take into account of both of the above and make a decision when the time is right. I broke up with one of my exes way too soon because i knew in my logic brain that it was never going to last but emotionally... i wasn't ready.

      I ended up going back to the relationship until both logically and emotionally i was ready for the relationship to end.

      Anyways, it's a lot of stress and i hope you have your answer soon but it's easier said then done but don't obsess over it.. it does take time. Focus on doing positive things like investing in your goals, health and the supporting relationships of those around you.

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  • Use logic. If something bad happens and can be changed there's no time for desperation. If there's nothing that can be done you take a deep breath and always remember - "We mortals are just shadows and dust". Keep this in mind and problems in your life will be a lot easier to either deal with or let go.

  • It's like cliff diving, just get it over and done with, spending time dreading it does you no favors.


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