The one, and how to tell if you dont have constant butterflies?

So I read somewhere that the lack of butterflies doesn't mean your partner is not the one. So how are you suppose to feel with the one or your bf/gf? Me and my boyfriend broke up and he said he was not feeling the way he thought he should as well as other things. I tried to explain to him that he did not have to have those butterflies every second of the day. He had also been struggling with a lot of stress with not having a job etc. He was the first to contact me the other day and wanted to know how i was. I just responded that I was ok. Our relationship was great and I thought it was stable and comfortable. Isaw hyself with him for a long time. Is there the slightest chance that we could get back together that maybe it was the stress to get him thinking this way? I catch him on facebook lately when he never usually goes on. Could he be snooping to see if I posted anything or if i am up to anything since he was the one to reach out first maybe he is missing me. I might tell him I miss him in another few days and see what happens.


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