What if you could only ask one more question for all of eternity? What would you ask?

In this hypothetical situation, whatever you ask will get answered by... the powers that be. Also to clarify, I'm not talking about asking questions on GaG.


1. You cannot ask about anything related to YOUR death or any religion / religious figures.


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  • What company can I invest $1000 in today that will turn my investment into a million by a year from now?

    • Great question :D

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    • @Idle_Farmer Probably because after electricity and rent costs for the large place you'd need to grow 50lb of weed you end up with Jack shit.

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  • Why can I only ask this one question?

    Yup. That's my question. I can pretty much demand answers in non question forms for the rest of my life so I might as well.


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