How to deal with someone who think he have the ability of the boss without fight?

I have complex problem I dealt with the owner of the company to work with him for a year without some conditions and flexible conditions it was my suggestion and the owner said ok no pro now during that deal his correspondent was there I saw he was angry and acted like hater bc I believe he thought I'm higher than him or more rich In anyway he didn't like my deal and hated me, after 3 days he saw me he said I want your id card and some other papers to fix some of the conditions! I didn't want to say that's not of your damn buissines, bc I don't want proplem with anyone so I said I will see then I walked away, now since he act like a boss while he's not and don't want to be nice and deny to be respectful person ist time to say that's not your damn buissines?

Any suggestions?


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  • Just tell him you don't work for him.