Was I in the wrong here with this neighbour situation?

We have this neighbour who has a child and often for a week or longer this baby screams every morning and night and it is so ear pitching that I actually have to wear earplugs. They often play some flute or instrument at night past 10 for a few hours (light irritating noise) I wrote them a letter just stating that their child keeps me up and to be more considerate and put it in their box and my parents (even though I'm in my mid 20's at home currently for something) they seemed a bit mad and said they were embarrassed yet they have been complaining about it as well.


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  • If the child is an infant then yea it's annoying but they scream and cry even when taken good care of but if the child is over 4 months old then I think they may be neglecting the child. I know every child is diff but yea to me the child is demanding attention it's not getting. You live in an apartment?

    • Apparently the child is 13 months. Yes I do.

    • I'd've written them too though but they need to take better care of their kid sounds like to me. And have respect for their neighbors.

    • Oh yea then the child is neglected I think. My daughter is 2 1/ 2 and at the age of 13months didn't really pitch many fits till she turned 2! Terrible twos!

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