There's so much blood coming out of me?

I know it's my period by the way. But there's so much disgusting warm blood seeping out all the time. Today in school I felt nauseous and I puked in some bushes when my dad picked me up, and the stomach cramps were unbearable.
My dad doesn't understand though! Even though he saw me vomiting he always thinks it's an attempt to skip school, but because he's male he's lacking in the empathy to understand how I'm feeling!! He wants me to go to school tomorrow but I feel too ill! Like I'll pass out! He's in bed already so I can't talk to him now. What can I do :(


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  • I am a single father and I understand MY daughter's menstrual issues. He can too.

    BUT, right now all you can do is take fluids, medicate yourself, and use a hot pack. Good luck!


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  • Oh the joys of becoming a women. I'm sorry you don't feel like you can turn to your father but hun it's normal unless your bleeding through more then one pad per hour... cramps suck YES... Dollar general brand pms relief is $2 & HELPS a lot for me and I suffer from more issues then pms. Fluid intake is most important. Also I know you feel like crap but exercise helps cramping.. If contuines and you think you can't go on have your father contact doctor they can run test to rule out & help put your mind at ease... best of luck.

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