How can you tell if someone doesn't really want you to succeed?

Are there signs/


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  • Of course there are. Actions always peak the truth. It might be a little thing here and a little thing there but once you add it all up it equals they're an enemy


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  • -They don't seem happy for you.
    -They try to distract you from your studies/goals/or accomplishments.
    -They talk about themselves.
    -They don't want to be around you anymore because they begin to envy you.

    • I can think of quite a few people with all three of the above.

      I don't really know if they envy me. Probably could be true of a few of them, but I think a large part of it is them not wanting me to be better than them because it takes away attention from them.

    • Yeah, being that way doesn't necessarily make them bad unless they try to sabotage what you have. But it really does have them reflect on their life and what their doing wrong. It's a bad feeling to know that you're not as great as you want to be, and someone in your life is excelling.
      They really have a problem with themselves and need to fix it.