What should I do?

I haven't been attending my ensemble class at college for the past few months, and my dad doesn't know. He expects me to be up on stage tonight with my classmates at the concert, but my friends don't think the professor is going to allow me to perform since I haven't been attending class for so long.

I seriously don't. know. what. to. do.

I've thought of many things:
1) I have an allergy problem, so exaggerate it somehow
2) Be sick
3) Fall off my bike on purpose so I'll get injured

What should I DO?


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  • Ehh if you really don't wanna tell your dad the truth then I guess you should go with option 1, the allergy problem. At least that's not something that will not look suspiciously out-of-nowhere sudden, you already got the basis covered.

  • tell him the truth?

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