What should I do with my life?

I'm too stupid for college and I'm too sickly for the military, was rejected from enlisting on medical grounds for multiple reasons.

I have no interests, or talents whatsoever, and after being pushed into returning to university I'm about to fail every class and drop out again. I thought about maybe some sort of trade but all those people seem so close knit, that is not my background at all and I wouldn't even know how to get into such a thing; I'm tried fast food but the managers just complain about me not moving around fast enough even though it seems like we're working at the same speed-- a lot of the time I cannot even understand what they are saying! FML


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  • Youtube channel.

    Or Twitch gaming.

    Use the internet to your advantage. We live in an age where you can do the STUPIDEST SHIT and get paid a SHIT TON of a money if you're GOOD at it.

    • Social anxiety, the idea of people seeing videos of me would make me want to kill myself, couldn't handle that pressure.

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    • Oh yeah, or do blogging.

      Ever heard of "The Oatmeal?" That dude doesn't show his face, but he makes a ton of money for what he does because he's funny and insightful as fuck.

    • I've never heard of The Oatmeal, but I will check it out. Thanks for the advice.

      and then there is always this:

  • Tradie's get the ladies, a trade

    • Yeah man, I think I know just the one.