What is your greatest regret?

What is your greatest regret so far in life that you had control over? Have you worked to correct it going forward?

Here's mine so you know what I'm thinking. I've been on dates with women in the past, and they were great "good" and quality women, back when I lacked confidence and self esteem and just wasn't as mature, and I didn't give them myself fully. I held back as fear or doubt would kick in. As the Bible says, "there is no fear in love". I regret denying the women what I felt and could have expressed to another human being. This as well applies to times I hurt other people including men with words, but the scenarios with women stand out more.

People may confuse "love" and "sex" here based upon their translation of the word. They are different. Love has different flavors... I love my dog, I love (desire) my girlfriend, I love the homeless person on the street, etc..). I could express how special and beautiful they were or other thoughts in words, just express more, converse more deeply, snuggle, massage (toouch) which is how I express love. It isn't necessarily sex as sex is one way to express affection.

I've corrected this now in my behavior as I don't hold back and it is so much healthier. It is ok to have boundaries on what is appropriate at a given place in a relationship and within beliefs (mine are Christian rooted). But if I feel something or think I have something to give (uplifting words, special comment, a gift, expression of affection appropriate to situation, etc..) I give! Its like taking the chains off a prisoner.


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  • My dad was the best. I knew we did a lot of things together. It wasn't until I was older that I realized he lived his life around me.
    After HS by dumb luck I fell into a good job. We were working a lot of OT. I really only had Sundays off. I was too selfish lazy to waste my free time & had things to do around the house.
    My dad died when I was 21 or 22. I wish I would have called him & taken him to a ballgame the way he did for me so many times in the past.
    Who knew.

    • Very sorry. A great lesson you'll bring forward as you have kids, you'll cherish and value the time with them (and girlfriends/wifes) as that is what is important. Work is just work and is always there... you never do know, life changes fast and goes by fast.

    • :)

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