How do I stop being so emotional?

I feel things very passionately and it can sometimes make me a little dramatic, like the situation is a scene from a soap opera. Truth is this is affecting my relationships with friends. They tell me a lot I need to calm down with my feelings. As of late this has gotten so bad that, of my 4 closest friends, 1 stopped talking to me completely, 1 almost stopped talking to me completely, 2 I now have a strained friendship with, and 1 I'm still close to. This has to stop.


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  • What is it that makes you emotional?
    In order to get you to stop, first you must ask why you get so emotional.
    Then you need to step back, take a couple breaths and remember to explain why you feel a certain way.
    Also remember that it's just a bad habit, and all bad habits take determination and time to fix.
    Like how I asked how not to be a pushover- you remind yourself why that behavior is bad, and replace it with another behavior.
    And if you feel as if you cannot control this yourself, seek help from a therapist.

    • Most of my emotional moments are caused by a fear of abandonment or replacement. If I feel like either of those things are happening or are about to happen I become really unstable.

    • Ah. Why are you so scared of being abandoned?

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  • I play music, because you should show it on this way.
    there is a rule dont let you mess up randomly.
    If you want to reach what you want. you must follow the rule.
    then your emotion hide under the rule and the rule give people preasure。


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