What about limb-lengthening surgery?

has any of you guys underwent it? is anyone going to? has anyone contacted a clinic and knows about the cost and the time it would take?

come on? no answers?


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  • my boyfriend and i are 5'3 same height and i have been with him for 6 years and he's going to school to get a good job. this height thing is all in your head.

    • Angela merkel is germany's prime minister. Feminism's all in your head

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    • dcoolguy I'm sorry if i got upset it kinda sounded like in the first one you may be being sarcastic but thank you for the complement :) yes i have always felt that if you can't love some one in spite of there flaws psychical or personality wise do not expect the same in return. also not being with some one because of there height is just stupid.

    • Try to be confident ad a short guy and they beat your napoleonic complex out of you. If i stop cringing for one second i won't be able to stand up again for an hour

  • Is it really worth it though?
    I think more people would be doing if it was worth it so I don't know.

    • it's actually my only alternative to chemical castration or suicide

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    • It's all in your head. I've seen plenty of short guys with girlfriends.

    • I guess italians are snob then

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