What would you do if you saw this (below) when you walked into your house?

A floating decapitated baboon head with enlarged eye balls that follow your every move. The head had no top so you can see it's brain inside.

I'm thinking about making this the logo for my company (pool cleaning supplies)


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  • go see the doctor. something is seriously wrong


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  • Can I ask how a decapitated head is relevant to pool cleaning supplies? I mean it's a cool idea, but for a company logo?

    • It's a saturated market so this is to grab attention.

      My partner has already made a "bumper song" to go with the visuals for a TV ad, and the CGI work has already been contracted online to an Indian film student.

    • Oh okay. Well who am I to disagree? If you have plans for it already, give it a shot... It would definitely grab attention.

    • I saw the work so far. We asked for a baboon but it looks more like a monkey. Should be able to edit and tweak it to appear over my backyard pool for the promo!

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  • Time to call the Winchesters.

    • im from obrun, what does winchesters mean?

  • Business will be booming, I'm sure.

    • I prefer redhaired girls with blue eyes. Not worthless dolls.

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    • I takes a real man like Kaji to handle a firery champion like Asuka.

      Rei is for little boys like Shinji, which is disgusting since she is a clone of his mom...

    • I guess Shinji never did get the balls to nail Misato, which isn't surprising.

      Either way, Asuka can't turn into a giant naked form of herself like Rei can. She even gets choked by the unnamed whiny beta male himself.

  • Mojo Jojo?

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