The guy who hacked me texted me again after I reset my phone, did he hack me again?

I had to reset my phone and lost all of my pictures etc because this insecure weirdo who could not accept he wasn't good enough for me hacked my phone. So after I reset the phone he sent me another text message asking why do I think he hacked me.. I didn't click on it and blocked him immediately. Should I reset the phone again and change my number or take my phone to At&t and have them check?


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  • Go to AT&T have them check. I'd get a new phone number. While there, perhaps they can look into reporting him for phone harassment. There CAN be tracking programs installed by text message. It usually requires you to open the message though.


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  • you can't block his #?

    • In order to block his number he has to call or text first, there's a blocking app already installed with my phone and that's how it works. I didn't click on his text to read it and blocked him quickly. I only read what was shown on the banner.

      Is it possible that he hacked me again?

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    • I'm using a windows phone, and as for hack I meant like he downloaded an app to spy on me.. Like go through my pictures and/or watch me through my camera. I have nothing on my phone.. everything is erased and I literally keep tape on my front and back camera when I'm in the house. I will never take videos or pictures with my camera ever again until At&T checks my phone.

    • has he ever used your phone in person

  • He's a prick for doing that. You're not much better for the statement "could not accept he wasn't good enough for me"


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