Are there any “forumish” sites like GAG which provide Amazon Gift Cards?

I don’t mean those which are about completing 100 surveys in order to get 10000 points, since most times aren’t genuine. And of course the message “We don’t have any items for your country” or something similar, is way too common.

Anyway, I mean forumish sites like GAG, which provide this feature.




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  • While I am sure these kind of sites exist, I do know know one by name.
    As for GAG, this site's purpose is to answer questions because you either want to help people or want to share your opinion. Earning a Amazon Gift card is only a small bonus, but hardly something to aim for.

    • I definitely don't want to help anyone. I simply don't give a shit about their issues, especially if they are relationship related. I might ask for help myself though, as I did now about the sites.

    • That is a valid opinion. You are free to ask any question you like on here and you do not have to answer questions. Yet, being a bit more respectful won't hurt anyone.

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