Can a bad relationship give you ptsd?

So I ended a relationship with this guy because I was so stressed I didn't want to leave my house. After it ended we ended up talking again and when I first saw him I started panicking and couldn't breath. I asked to meet up so I could fix things and he started acting like he was when we were together, telling me what to do, telling me to quit my job (he tried getting me to quit when we were dating because it meant he saw me less), telling me I needed to do things etc. I decided to not see him again because he made me feel like I was a horrible person and that only he looked past it and that everyone else hated me. He got mad when I said I couldn't see him and it scared me to say no. Now I started dating this new guy and he doesn't make me feel like I'm a horrible person but I keep getting random flashbacks to my ex and I feel so sick, I keep remembering things he said and did and it makes me want to vomit. Its been happening a few times a day but it keeps getting worse. I don't want to go out places because I'm scared he will see me.

I feel like I'm going insane.


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  • Really you are saying that is the same as soldiers war trama.. ok

    • PTSD is not something that just soldiers get, I was asking if whats happening to me sounds like it. You can receive it from any traumatic experience, sexual assault, abuse, etc.

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    • I understand that, Thats why I'm hoping its a lesser thing, and PTSD is a form of anxiety, they are all linked.

    • Books don't really explain it. It's more than anxiety. It's full blown terror for many. I can't explain.
      Good luck, and hopefully it's just anxiety that will fade in time

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  • a violent relationship can give you ptsd, though what you described sounds a lot more like anxiety or depression (possibly both).

    i suffered the same flashbacks, etc. as you post-breakup, but i do not have ptsd. i was, however, diagnosed with an anxiety disorder after leaving a relationship with a guy who sexually assaulted me. i'm on meds now and doing much better; talk to your doctor about your issues, and s/he may also be able to recommend a good therapist who deals in your issue specifically.

    • I've been diagnosed with anxiety before him, this feels so much different. It's just so annoying because I want to forget him.

    • believe me, i get it, and i feel your pain. it's like trying to quit an addictive drug (or so i'd imagine) when someone you've cut ties with is constantly on your mind, and it can prevent you from moving forward if you don't address it.

      are you already on meds/seeing a therapist for your anxiety? if you are, maybe try bringing it up so that they can better assist you; if not, definitely talk to your m. d. and find out what your options are.

      sending internet hugs and healing vibes your way :)

    • I was seeing someone, (he convinced me to stop going), when I left I was meant to go on meds but I never went to get them. I really don't want to go back. Hugs :)

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  • I took an abnormal psychology class in college and I believe that PTSD is more severe from what you're experiencing. Yeah you just sound like you have more of an anxiety problem which i remember is pretty common. PTSD is usually caused by more extreme or life threatening situations. Im nowhere near a psychologist but my teacher was haha, so yeah that's what I learned.

  • You're allergic to your ex bull shit.. that's why u get sick each time you think of him..


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