Hey Am looking for friends?

Hi Am 21 and am looking to make friends? But I don't know we're to go or were to meet people!

I have Anixety and Scoial aniexy, I have 0 friends so no contracts what so ever.

My hobbies are running, gym, anime, ps4, listening to rock music , reading, gardening, psychology,

Also it be cool to have some girls as friends as well because since I left school I have never met a girl lol.


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  • Are you in college? If so, force yourself to go to some student clubs you're interested in. If not, there are other similar organizations. Maybe give those a try. It gives everyone something in common to talk about.

    • Nope am not in college. I should of said that as well XD

  • you won't make any friends in person if you can't talk.

    address your anxiety through a psychologist. talk it out.

    • Yea I know my anixety is very low now , I can control my anixety.

      My psychologist said am ready And I think so too. I'll take my time of course I should explain that lol.