What should I do?

I think that I can make some friends, but this never happens. I always keep humble n honest, even if in the cyberspace. but why do they ignore me? I have no idea, maybe I am not good enough. who knows


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  • I dont know.. for me you can't go out looking for friends and try really hard to make something work. Most of my friends have happened organically just because we've found things in common

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    • Like they can't and are unable to on the site? Or it's hard to hold a conversation with them

    • yep, maybe u r rite. cuz I just joined this site. nothing can catch my eyes. just wanna make some friends, but it's not easy:)

What Guys Said 1

  • Making friends is usually done 'automatically'. You find people with similar interests and you are good to go. Why this does not seem to happen for you can depend on a number of things. Most commonly, you aren't that often in places where you interact with people of similar interests, or your humble attitude prevents you from making yourself known.
    I am quite sure you are in fact 'good enough' to have friends. I have never met someone who isn't.

    At this moment in time, do you have anyone you can call a friend?

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