Who has been to Fiji before? What's Fiji like besides it's tropical?

I want to plan a trip to Fiji for next January.


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  • I have been to Fiji. I love Fiji!!! I have not been to the East Coast where Suva is but I have been to the West Coast. On the West Coast I say you must visit Denarau Island. Denarau Island is so so beautiful and has all the good hotels.

    I stayed at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau Island and it is so lovely. I recommend staying there:

    Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau Island. It is more affordable than you might think.


    You can also ride the Bula bus which is always fun. It takes you between the hotels to the port where you can go catch boats to the outer islands, you can also go shopping at the port as well, have meals or ice cream or you can just eat at the Sofitel or go to any of the other hotels as well to eat all on the Bula bus.

    The Bula Bus is fun


    Things I did in Fiji and can recommend doing:

    A dinner cruise with Captain Cook Cruises. They pick you up from your hotel.
    A trip to Castaway Island with South Sea Cruises.
    A Nausori Highland Tour. Which was great as I got to visit a traditional family.
    The Sigotoka River Safari was also fun.
    A trip to Plantation Island, it is so beautiful there as well.
    I also went to Beachcomber Island as well. That is a party Island. There you stay in like bunk accommodation.

    I finished my Fiji Trip off with a Helicopter Trip from the offshore island of Plantation Island direct to Nadi Airport.


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  • Ah, my parents homeland :) great choice and no I'm not being biased ;) hit up the capital city Suva, then head to plantation island. So beautiful

    • Be my tour guide? ;)

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    • @Toad-1 of course! We can snorkel togeather!! And sit at the sunset!

    • lol watch the sunset go down! Heads not working

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  • TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! 😭😭😭😭 Depends where you go! I went when I was 14

    • What are the best spots?

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