Do you need a car in order to date women?

I live in a small city where everything is close, you can walk around and get everywhere easily, and it's only like a 30 minute bus ride to get from one end of the town to the other. There is really no need for a car.

I have heard women don't like guys who do not drive, is this true? Do you need to drive to date women?

Girls, would you date a guy who doesn't drive?

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  • It really depends on why he doesn't have a car. If it's because he lives in the city and there's always transportation around and traffic flow is really heavy that's alright I don't mind. If he lives in a place where you need a car to get around and he doesn't have his license because he's lazy and doesn't want to get it and depends on other people to drive then he's undateable. My biggest pet peeve are people who drink and drive so if he's licenses is suspended and can't drive and needs people to take him around I can't hang. if your independent and have available transportation then it doesn't matter to me.


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